Ancient Wisdom for a New World

By Delilah Ferne O’Haynes.

Published by The Diversity Collection

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Behind us lie many civilizations, some as intelligent, if not more intelligent, than our own, made up of diverse groups of people who held common stories of earth’s regeneration. Many records of prehistoric worlds, along with knowledge of earth cycles that follow an astronomical precession, have been destroyed, lost, or misinterpreted—leaving us in need of a re-evaluation of human history on earth. What is left to us of prehistoric civilizations can be pieced into a reoccurring pattern, if we are willing to bring to bear all segments of our own society—science, astronomy, archeology, history, literature, theology, and more. A re-evaluation of our past, with inclusion of different cultures’ diverse creation/destruction stories, would give us a broad perspective of a lost history that was heretofore hidden in plain sight, in ancient architecture, mythology, sacred writings, and apocalyptical symbolism. Our ancestors left us a message in stone and myth concerning reoccurring astronomical cycles that affect our planet and peoples; we must therefore waste no more time in preserving and maintaining that message, as well as utilizing it, not only to inform future generations, but also to break down prejudicial barriers caused by erroneous teachings, in order to effect true unity. This overview lights a rudimentary path to worlds behind us—including ancient and pre-ancient cosmologies that will culminate in 2012, with diverse accounts of our common mythologies and earth-cycle motifs—so that we may have a construct within which to build a truer history of humanity for new worlds to come.

Keywords: Prehistoric Civilizations, Diverse Groups of Humanoids, Astronomical Precession, Astronomy, Archeology, History, Literature, Theology, Creation Stories, Destruction Stories, Diverse Cultures, Mythology, 2012, Milky Way, Ancient Architecture, Apocalyptical Symbolism, Pre-Ancient Cosmologies, Sacred Sites, Earth-Cycle Motifs, Culmination of Ancient Messages, Ancient Mysteries, Sacred Writings, Ancient Ancestors, Cultural Commonalities

International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations, Volume 11, Issue 2, pp.1-10. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 910.014KB).

Delilah Ferne O’Haynes

Professor of English, Languages and Literature, Concord University, Athens, West Virginia, USA

O’Haynes, a native of Virginia (USA), holds a doctorate in English Education and American Literature from the University of Tennessee (USA), with decades of additional study in Creative Writing and Comparative Theology. She has taught Composition, World Literature, Creative Writing, Women’s Literature, and Minority Literatures (American Indian, African American, Hispanic, Holocaust) at various educational levels for thirty-three years, nearly twenty years at Concord University, a liberal arts university in West Virginia (USA). She is a writer of non-fiction, fiction, and poetry, whose books may be viewed at and Barnes and Noble. Her last endeavor was as managing editor for an anthology, Appalachia’s Last Stand. O’Haynes occasionally speaks on writing and the art of survival (cancer, lupus, and personal trauma) and conducts lectures and workshops.


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