An Analysis of Perceptions of Hospital Administrators for Enhancing Cultural Diversity: A View of Two Perspectives

By James Morrison and G. Titi Oladunjoye.

Published by The Diversity Collection

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According to the recent Sullivan U.S. Commission on Diversity in the Health Care Workforce Report, there is a significant under-representation of minorities in the upper ranks of many health care organizations, such as hospitals. For example, some 13 percent of all health care employees in the U.S. are from other countries. However, many are considered to be in non-leadership roles. In addition, the report goes on and states that being part of a multicultural staff with its mixture of nationalities and cultures presents a series of challenges and opportunities. Therefore, a mandate exists for hospital administrators to generate culturally inclusive organizations. As concluded in the same report, diversity paves the way for new innovations in practices and results in better decision-making through a more positive and nurturing environment.
Since leaders in organizations generally have a strong influence on how cultural diversity is enhanced, an important step is to maintain a culturally diverse leadership team. This research here obtains data from two groups of leaders in hospitals: those in senior leadership (president, vice-president, CFO, etc.) and those in lower levels of leadership (mid-management). The hypothesis tested is: There are no significant differences between the perceptions of those hospital administrators in senior levels of leadership and those in mid-management as to their organization’s practices to promote a culturally inclusive workplace
This research is a status study for determining just where we are currently in generating a diverse workforce in health care. In 1995, it was reported that only 1 percent of administrators were minorities. In 2010, this study clarifies exactly where we are after 15 + years, and what practices are now in existence to enhance recruitment, retention, and promotion of minorities to higher levels of leadership, particularly in this instance in hospitals.

Keywords: Health Care Diversity, Organizational Diversity, Workplace Diversity, Enhancing Cultural Diversity

International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations, Volume 11, Issue 6, pp.49-62. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 834.904KB).

Dr. James Morrison

Professor of Leadership, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Delaware, Wilmington, DE, USA

I have completed a series of studies of cultural diversity in the banking, insurance, and brokerage industries. I have over 100 articles published in refereed journals. My primary interest is examining how ethics, innovation, and cultural diversity inter-relate. I have worked with Dr. G. Titi Oladunjoye, professor of educational leadership, at Albany State University in Albany, Georgia.

Dr. G. Titi Oladunjoye

Professor of Educational Leadership, College of Education, Albany State University, Albany, GA, USA

I have published over 75 articles in journals. I have worked with Dr. Morrison on the latest series of studies on examining ethics, innovation, and cultural diversity within today’s banking, insurance, and brokerage industries. I am a former chair of my department. Interdisciplinary Research Team: The following graduate and undergraduate students provided support in developing the framework for the research project, collecting data, and editing the final report. Thomas Martin, Graduate Student, Public Policy, Un. of Delaware Jillian Halley, Leadership, Un. of Delaware Alexander Makowski, Agriculture & Natural Resources Major, Un. of Delaware Chris Campbell, Public Policy Major, Un. of Delaware Adriana Rodriguez, Public Policy/Women Studies Major, Un. of Delaware.


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