The Darfur Conflict in Evolving Politico-economic and Socio-cultural Contexts: The 'Games', the 'Players' and the 'Stakes'

By Gunnar Haaland.

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The Darfur conflict is triggered by an interplay of processes relating to ethnic identities, ecological competition, economic marginalization, Governmental policies of national integration and global politico-economic interactions.

Keywords: Darfur, Ethnic Boundaries, Muslim Brotherhoods, Political Integration, Economic Dualism

International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp.105-116. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.014MB).

Prof. Gunnar Haaland

Positions 1988-present Professor. Dept. of Social Anthropology. University of Bergen. 1981-88 Senior Research Associate. CMI 1976-77 Director. Human Science Team. ILCA 1967-81 Lecturer Dept. of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen Research Projects Since 2002 Globalization of Social Networks and Ethnic Identity. South East Asia, South Asia, China, Ethiopia 1992-97 Tribhuvan - Bergen Human Ecology Project. Project. Nepal 1976-80 The Savanna Project. Consultancies: Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozabique, Botswana, Mali, Yemen, India, Bangladesh Bhutan, Maldives, Thailand Main publications: 1969 'Economic Determinants in Ethnic Processes' in Barth, F.: Ethnic Groups and Boundaries. 1972 'Nomadization as an Economic Career among Sedentaries in the Sudan Savanna Belt' in Cunnison, I. and James, W.: Essays in Sudan Ethnography. 1977. 'Pastoral Systems of Production', in O'Keefe and Wisner, B.: Landuse and Development. 1978. 'Ethnic Groups and Language Use in Darfur' in Thelwell,R.: Aspects of Language in the Sudan. 1979 with McCown and de Haan: 'Interaction between Cultivation and Livestock Production in Semi-arid Africa', in Hall, A., Cannell, G. H., and Lawton, H. W.: Agriculture in Semiarid Environments. 1980 'Problems of Savannah Development: The Sudan Case, Department of Social Anthropology. University of Bergen 1984 with Keddeman, W., 'Poverty Analysis: The Somali Case'. Economic Development and Cultural Change. 1990 'Aid and Sustainable Development in a Dual Economy'. Forum for Utviklingsstudier. 1991. 'Introduction' and 'Cultural Content and Ethnic Identity'. in Grønhaug, Haaland and Henriksen: The Ecology of Choice and Symbol. 1998 'Beer, Blood and Mother's Milk. Sudan Notes and Records' 2002. Nature, Culture and Society. In Chaudhury, Aase and Vetaas (eds): Vegetation and Society in Nepal. 2004 "From Nepali hill farmers to business managers in Thailand: Explaining causes in evolving contexts" in B. Walters and B. McCay (ed) Against the Grain. In Press


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