More than just Ramps and Multilingual Posters: Improving Access to Services for Women from Non-english Speaking Backgrounds (NESB) with Disability/Carers who Experience Violence

By Georgina Clark, Shona Sadeghi, Rachel Lazarov, Vicky Manolakis, Eunise Undag and Robina Saddozai.

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The colloquium aims to increase understanding of the issues faced by women from NESB with disability and carers of children with disability who experience violence.

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International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations, Volume 5, Issue 6, pp.189-196. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 824.082KB).

Georgina Clark

Georgina recently completed a Social Work degree at the University of New South Wales. The project she is working on is funded by the NSW Premiers Department Office for Women. It aims to assist service providers who work with women from NESB with disability or carers who have experienced violence. The project focuses on enhancing participants’ skills to address the barriers these women face when trying to access services and implement strategies within the existing service system to fill identified gaps in service provision.

Georgina recognises the importance of working with these women to promote effective change. The project provides an opportunity for the women to work with service providers and use their experience and expertise to identify strategies to develop a service system that is responsive to their needs.

Shona Sadeghi

Shona is part of the Community Voices project, involving people from NESB with disability and their families who are trained in public speaking, who share their experiences to raise awareness.

Rachel Lazarov

Rachel is a member of Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association’s Management Committee and part of the Community Voices Project.


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