Geo-Ethnography, An Interdisciplinary Method for Exploring Schools, Communities and Cultures: Creating Personal Narratives of Place and Voice

By Richard L. Biffle and Pamela B. Thompson.

Published by The Diversity Collection

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Geo-ethnography is a qualitative methodology linking the study of place and personal voice through interdisciplinary inquiry. The fields of anthropology, geography, history and sociology inform and shape geo-ethnographic narrative.

Keywords: Geo-Ethnography, Ethnography, Qualitative Research, Culture, Community, Schools, Anthropology, Geography, Sociology, History, Education

International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp.75-82. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 861.314KB).

Dr. Richard L. Biffle

Dr. Richard L.Biffle is the director of the teacher education program and the co-director of the curriculum and instruction division at the University of Denver. He teaches courses in diversity, teacher research, and learning environments. Dr. Biffle has enjoyed a wide variety of experiences during his 25 year career in the field of education, including elementary and midddle school teacher and administrative assignments in multicultural/bilingual education programs throughout the United States and overseas. Research interests include multiple intelligence and learning style applications in schools and classrooms, the culture of school and neighborhood communities and geo-ethnographic approaches in examining the new urban communities.

Dr. Pamela B. Thompson

Dr. Pamela B. Thompson has been in the field of education for over fifteen years, teaching at the elementary, middle school and collegiate levels. Dr. Thompson has designed and implemented art curricula for both a Montessori elementary school and a middle school program. She has also served as an administrative coordinator of a teacher education department. Currently, she is an assistant professor of education at Utica College. She teaches courses in curriculum and instructtion, brain-based research and learning, diversity, and foundations of education. Her present research pursuits include the geo- ethnographic study of schools and community, performance ethnography, multicultural perspectives of creativity, and connections between brain research and learning environments.


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