African Women Attending an American University: Culture Shock and Institutional Implications

By Barbara Green, Malinda Hendricks Green, Susan C. Scott and Jennifer J. Endicott.

Published by The Diversity Collection

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Americans face a multitude of challenges as they pursue their educational goals. However, these appear to diminish when examining the unique and seemingly insurmountable challenges which greet African women in pursuit of an American higher education. The results of a qualitative examination of six African women who attended a Midwestern-regional university verified the cultural shock, common problems and challenges these women experienced as a result of realities of life in Africa and the transition into the American educational system as well as the American culture. The results of this study, which confirmed previous research, suggest faculty, who work with and are sensitive to the plight of these women, need strategies as well as resources to facilitate the educational success of these African women attending higher education institutions in America. In light of these realities, the institution itself is encumbered to examine its policies to serve this unique student population in a way to promote completion of degrees that are of value to our global society.

Keywords: African Women, American Higher Education

International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations, Volume 6, Issue 5, pp.173-180. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 941.195KB).

Dr. Barbara Green

Department of Special Services, University of Central Oklahoma, USA

Dr. Barbara Green is a professor at the University of Central Oklahoma. Her twenty-four years of teaching and administrative experience includes teaching at the elementary, junior high, and university levels. She has taught English, math, social studies, language arts, economics and other topics at the elementary and junior high levels. She has facilitated learning in the following courses at the university level: Foundation to American Education, College Reading and Study Skills, Theories and Techniques of the Exceptional Individual, Procedures for Teaching the Learning Disabled, Emotionally Disturbed, Curriculum Development for the Mild-Moderate Student with Disabilities, Language Arts for Grades 4-8, and Teaching Mathematics to the Intermediate Grades. She has served as Multicultural Curriculum Coordinator at the University level. Other administrative experience includes serving as a co-director of a summer school program for students with special needs at Oklahoma State University and serving a Department Chairperson for the Department of Special Services at the University of Central Oklahoma. She has given numerous presentations on the topics of Multicultural Education, Learning Success Strategies, Parent Involvement in the Education Process, and the Social Construction of Intelligence. Additionally, she has several published articles and chapters. Lastly, she recently received the Hauptman Research Award.

Dr. Malinda Hendricks Green

Professor, Professional Teacher Education, University of Central Oklahoma, USA

Dr. Susan C. Scott

Associate Professor, Professional Teacher Education, University of Central Oklahoma, USA

Dr. Jennifer J. Endicott

Professor, Professional Teacher Education, University of Central Oklahoma, USA


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