"You Think You're Doing It, but Now I Question Myself": Using a Self-Review Process in New Zealand Schools for Learning and Change

By Roseanna Bourke, Bernadette Holden and Vijaya M.Dharan.

Published by The Diversity Collection

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Teacher professional learning and development initiatives in schools aim to encourage teachers to reflect on their views about their teaching that will subsequently bring a change to their pedagogical practice. Working with increasingly diverse learners in school settings, and with an emphasis on including all learners, teachers face challenges to their teaching practices and their understanding of their own learning. In order to support primary and secondary teachers increase their teaching effectiveness with all learners, the Ministry of Education in New Zealand initiated and managed a three-year national professional development and research programme, Enhancing Effective Practice in Special Education. The results of one aspect of this project explore the change that subsequently occurred in schools, at individual and systems’ levels.

Keywords: Inclusion, Self-review, Teachers, Index for Inclusion

International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp.57-66. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 584.329KB).

Dr. Roseanna Bourke

Director, Centre for Educational Development, College of Education, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand

Roseanna is Director of the Centre for Educational Development at Massey University. The Centre for Educational Development (CED) provides quality evidence-based and research informed professional learning and development within the educational sector. Prior to this work, Roseanna has worked in the Ministry of Education as Manager, Professional Practice, and as a senior lecturer at Massey University. Roseanna directed the national evaluation of the Special Education 2000 policy, which involved 16 researchers and 68 teacher fieldworkers over 3 years. As part of this, she co-wrote and co-lead workshops for teachers on ethics for teacher fieldworkers in the national project teams. Roseanna has been a classroom teacher, educational psychologist and senior researcher and lecturer. Her PhD, Students’ Conceptions of Learning and Self-assessment in context focussed on learners’ conceptions and theories of learning and self-assessment. Her research with learners in multiple contexts, both within school and out-of-school settings, highlighted the importance of student motivation, self-identify and learning cultures to maximise the benefits of self-assessment and learner initiated goal setting.

Bernadette Holden

Professional Practice Team Leader, Group Special Education, Ministry of Education, Wellington, New Zealand

Bernie Holden is a registered psychologist, teacher and experienced manager and leader within education. She has a strong interest in making education accessible for all children and young people, and has a commitment to supporting and further developing the professional practice of specialist staff.

Vijaya M.Dharan

Psychologist, Group Special Education, Ministry of Education, Wellington, New Zealand


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