Dancing between Integration and Exclusion: Voices of Arab Teachers and Students at an Israeli Teachers College

By Khansaa Diab and Yehuda Bar Shalom.

Published by The Diversity Collection

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We find a substantive number of Arab students and faculty members in teacher training institutions, but we suspect that they perceive the educational field as a default option, in contrast to other academic fields in which they (and sometimes their families) feel they simply have no chance of development. But even in these institutions, which have proportionally a larger number of Arabs, we find many signs of exclusion. In this study we bring the voices of Arab students and faculty members, and we also bring our recommendations on what should be done in order to give Arab students and faculty members a sense of equity and real representation in Israeli teacher training institutions.

Keywords: Arab Minority in Israel, Teacher Training

International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations, Volume 7, Issue 4, pp.147-156. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 567.312KB).

Dr. Khansaa Diab

The David Yellin College of Education, Israel

Dr. Khansaa Diab is a lecturer and pedagogic instructor at Department of Special Education in Arab society at the David Yellin College of Education, P.O.B 3578, Bet-Hakerem, and Jerusalem 91035, Israel. She is currently the Head of Practitioner Guidance at the David Yellin College of education. Her major research interests are dialogue between Palestinians and Jews in Israel, Issues in the Arabic Educational system. She is involved in peace education in the Palestinian-Israeli context at all levels – teaching, lecturing, writing, researching, participating and mediating in workshops.

Prof. Yehuda Bar Shalom

Chair, Education Department, The David Yellin College of Education, Israel

Dr. Bar Shalom has has done research in the following topics: Arab Jewish relations, religious and secular encounter is Israel, relations between ethnic groups in Israel, Changes in Israeli society, culture and education, Israel Diaspora relations, Political changes in Israel, multicultural education. Besides his position as Chair of Education at the David Yellin College in Jerusalem (The Largest in that city), Yehuda teaches the core course in Jewish Education at Tel Aviv University Overseas school. Yehuda is co-founder of the Network for social entrepreneurship together with Jerusalem’s municipality, and he is very active in Jewish/Arab dialogue.


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