Comparison of Naming Traditions in China and English Speaking Countries

By Jianguo Zou.

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This article is a preliminary research on comparing and contrasting some of the similarities and differences of naming methods and cultural backgrounds between China and English Speaking Countries. Research on naming cultures is useful and helpful for us to learn languages and further understand a country’s culture. A good name can give a person self-confidence, turn a person into successful career or add some self-confidence to a person’s talents. It will be easy for a person to make local friends and merge into the mainstream of local culture and society. The article also introduces and does some researches on some problems about naming, which occur in the development of modern Chinese society. It puts forward some views and suggestions on how to solve these problems.

Keywords: Surname, Given Name, Naming Culture

International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations, Volume 7, Issue 6, pp.9-18. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 619.848KB).

Prof. Jianguo Zou

Associate Professor, Foreign Languages Institute, Yunnan Normal University, China

Engage in TESOL for 29 years at Yunnan Normal University (YNU), China. Major fields of research are language teaching, cultural comparison between China and English speaking countries. 1974 graduated from YNU 1980 further studied at Chongqing University. 1990 got Graduate Certificate of Education (TESOL) at Griffith University, Australia as a UNESCO Fellow. Academic achievement: 1. Direction and Practice Series for New Course Superior General Review---Yunnan Educational Press(YEP) ,Vice Chief Editor, 2006 2. “Differences in English and Chinese Written Expression”, ESLE Journal, South Australia, 2005 3. “Changes in the Social Status of Chinese Women as Reflected in their Surnames” ESLE Journal, 2004 4. English Testing Skills and Training for Junior High School Yunnan Educational Press Chief Editor (and one of writers), 2004 5. Spoken English Testing Skills and Training for Junior High School Yunnan Educational Press, 2nd and 3rd revised editions, 2003 6. Spoken English Testing Skills and Training for Senior High School Yunnan Educational Press, 2003 7. “Language, Customs and Culture” (English as a Second Language Educator) ESLE Journal, South Australia, 2002 8. Spoken English Testing Skills and Training for Junior High School 1st edition Yunnan Educational Press, 2002 9. College English Usage Dictionary –5,600 Words for Band 4, Yunnan University Press , One of the writers, 2000 10.College English—Vocabulary Explanation and Test Book 3, Chief Editor and one of the writers, 1995 11. A Dictionary of Yunnan Specialists and Scholars,Yunnan Science and Technology Press (YSTP)One of the editors, 1994 12. College English Reading, YSTP, 1st Writer, 1993 13. College English Listing Book 3, Yunnan University Press One of the writers, 1992 14. Translate 47 TV programs from English into Chinese for “World Vision” Program of Yunnan TV Station, as a specially invited translator, 1987-1990 15. Awarded TV Film “Institutions & Customs of Achang Minority Nationality” Part 1, 2 and 3 Translate the film from Chinese into English, 1987-1988 16. College English General Reading Series Level 1 (A), One of the writers, Tianjin Scientific Translation Press, China, 1988.


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