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Universal Design for Living: The Next Logical Step

By Joseph Nolan and Pamela Taylor.

Published by The Diversity Collection

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As inclusion becomes the norm in many schools and communities, proactive forces are now looking ahead to the concept of Universal Design. This presentation will define and illustrate universal design and discuss its benefits and the barriers that stand in the way of it becoming a reality in Community and Education. Initially it will examine the paradigm of universal design, originally portrayed as a tangible concept in architecture and technology, as an attitude and culture. This culture is one of accessibility for all, rather than one of inclusion and disability accommodation. The possible roles of Ecological Theory, Social Valorization Theory and Dynamic Systems Theory in Universal Design will also be discussed. Objectives:Define Universal Design as a paradigm, Differentiate Universal Design from Inclusion and Infusion, Discuss the Culture of Accessibility vs. the Culture of Disability, Present Ecological Task Analysis Theory as strategic foundations for Universal Design in physical activity, Examine the barriers to Universal Design posed by academia, funding agencies, clinical researchers, disability advocates, teachers, therapists, coaches, parents, and other professionals, Inspire further dialogue on the future and the feasibility of Universal Design.

Keywords: Universal Design, Inclusion, Infusion, Ecological Task Analysis, Social Valorization Theory

International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations, Volume 7, Issue 6, pp.175-180. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 541.128KB).

Dr. Joseph Nolan

Program Director, Special Education Doctoral Program, College of Education, Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Dr. Nolan is the coordinator of Special Education Doctoral Programs at Walden University, an e-learning institution located in Minneapolis, MN. When not working in his home office (in London, Ontario, Canada) or conducting residency presentations on the road, he is the director of the non-profit Centre for Assistive Use of Software Programs in Education and the CEO of Leisure Choices, a company specializing in graphic leisure inventory software. His areas of research include Universal Design, and Assistive Technology.

Pamela Taylor

Student, Walden University Special Education Doctoral Program, College of Education, Special Education Program, Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Mrs. Taylor has been a Special Education teacher for 16 years. Currently she is working with elementary students with mild disabilities in Rockville, Maryland. Mrs. Taylor received her B.S. in Education with an emphasis in Mental Retardation through the University of Columbus in Columbus, GA. She went on to earn her M.Ed in Secondary Special Education through Southern Oregon University in Ashland, OR. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Special Education through Walden University.


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