Andragogy and the Culture of Mediation*

By Lily Zamir.

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This paper proposes new methods for modern Andragogy following the recent experience of multicultural mediation. For this purpose I will analyze the different approaches to Andragogy - “Colonial Andragogy” and “Pluralistic Andragogy” which I conceptualized from the classical writings on Andragogy. Using these innovative terms is based on in-depth analyses of the classical approaches in Andragogy on the background of the historical periods that they developed. I claim that modern Andragogy should be seen in the context of multicultural societies. Therefore, I suggest using the tools created in multicultural mediation in the past 30 years. The structure of my paper, as stated above, will be accomplished by introducing Andragogy in its historical background. I will claim that the innovative theory, on which Kapp (the founder of Andragogy) developed his discipline of Andragogy is according to the terminology colonial Andragogy. I will exemplify a case study of colonial Andragogy in the Israeli practice nowadays. Afterwards, I will examine the development of Pluralistic Andragogy, following from the backdrop of the modern Andragogical theories. Finally, I will examine the contributions of multicultural mediation, as a process that relies on active listening and learning among the parties to the process to the theory and practice of pluralistic Andragogy.

Keywords: Adult Education, Colonialism, Colonial Andragogy, Pluralistic Andrdgogy, Multicultural Mediation

International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations, Volume 10, Issue 4, pp.75-84. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 604.390KB).

Dr. Lily Zamir

Head, Life Long Learning Department, The David Yellin Academic College of Education, Jerusalem, Israel

Head of Life Long Learning Department ; director of the Centre for Women and Gender Studies, in David Yellin College , in Jerusalem. Ph.d. in comparative literature from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1993. Main publications reflect include two collections of poetry (in Hebrew), and an interdisciplinary guide on the Holocaust for teachers, as well as a book abut Danilo Kis and 33 papers about the Holocaust, such as: Teaching the Holocaust through Family Stories (2000) The Song of Songs in Auschwitz (2002) and papers with a feminist hint like The Special Fate of Women in the Holocaust (1999) Feminism And Peace (1999) Women as Objects, In The Poetry of Yehuda Halevi (2005) etc. Major Book Publications: Poetry, in Hebrew: Yesterday As a Mistake, Alef, 1986, Yellow, Eked, 1987. Prose: History and Fiction, in The Holocaust, Iad Va Shem, 1998 Between History and Fiction, The Narrative Work of Danilo Kis, Hebrew uni. 1992 Danilo Kis, Jedana Marcna Odiseja, (in Serbia) Ateneum, 2000. History and Fiction, in The Holocaust of German Jews, Moreshet, 2009


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